Scrap Ammo Acquisition (5000 lb minimum)

Cash for Your Scrap Ammo

  • Turn your unused scrap ammo into cash effortlessly. Transform those dust collectors into profit with ease. 

Maximize the Value of Your Scrap

  • Don't settle for just the metal value of your scrap. Receive 60% more on average, as every part of your ammo is valued. 

Hassle-Free Compliance with Hazardous Material Disposal

  • Say goodbye to worries about hazardous material disposal. Experience stress-free compliance, ensuring everything is handled with the utmost care.

Retrieve Components / Pull-Down Ammo

  • Need your components back? Our disassembly service safely returns them to you.

Benefits of Choosing This Service

  • Better Pay, Faster: Get competitive prices and enjoy the convenience of same-day payments. 
  • Effortless Door-to-Door Logistics: Relax as all pickup arrangements are taken care of for you. 
  • Tailored Service to Meet Your Needs: Experience fast, reliable service customized just for you.
  • Commitment to Eco-Friendly Recycling: Take pride in choosing a service that practices responsible, environmentally friendly recycling.

Ready to Transform Your Scrap into Profit? 

Contact us now for a personalized quote!


OEM Ammunition Components

Brass, Projectiles, Primers and Powder for Every Scale of Production

Discover a diverse selection of brass, projectiles, primers, and powder, ideal for both large-scale and specialized ammunition production. Our globally sourced, bulk inventory ensures your production line is always equipped and operational. 

Dedicated Services for OEMs and Dealers

Benefit from a wholesale service specifically designed for OEMs and Dealers. This exclusive offering is tailored to your professional needs, ensuring precision and quality with every order. Please note: We focus solely on wholesale transactions, excluding retail sales.

A Partnership Tailored to Your Manufacturing Needs

A partnership with us goes beyond component supply. Our services are customized to align with the specifics of your ammunition production, from the type of ammo and machinery used to your unique processes. Prioritize what matters: enhancing production efficiency and managing cash flow. We’re dedicated to addressing your immediate and long-term manufacturing challenges.

Stay Ahead with Insights from Our OEM Network

Connect with a community of experienced OEM loaders, where you'll find support and shared expertise. Stay informed with the latest industry news, trends, and insights, ensuring you maintain a competitive edge in ammunition manufacturing. 

Exclusive Access to Our Inventory

Check out our current inventory, specially curated to meet your production demands. Reach out to us to uncover how our selection can be a pivotal part of enhancing your ammunition manufacturing process.

Ammunition Loading Machinery & Equipment

Optimize Your Ammunition Production with Ideal Machinery

Discover the perfect machinery and equipment for expanding or streamlining your mid to high-volume ammunition production. Our expertise ensures a smooth process, whether you’re upgrading your equipment or offloading unused machines.

  • For Buyers: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Operation

In search of specific equipment? Browse our wide range of new and used loading machines and equipment, ideal for for mid to high-volume operations. When choosing used machinery, enjoy the added benefit of guidance from the previous owner, who will share essential operation tips and insights for maximum efficiency.

  • For Sellers: Maximize Returns on Your Equipment

Ready to sell your unused machinery? Leverage our extensive network to connect with the right buyers. We provide comprehensive support in valuing your equipment, taking into account current market conditions and resale value. Our service makes selling effortless and rewarding, and your insights can help the new owner get up to speed.

We’re Invested in Your Manufacturing Success

Whether you’re adjusting to a new machine purchase or need assistance post-sale, our network of experts is ready to help. At Reload U.S., we do more than just facilitate transactions; we ensure each one is beneficial and smooth, contributing to your success.

Partner with Reload U.S. for Your Equipment Needs

We aim to build lasting relationships, offering tailored solutions that align with your production needs. With us, you get more than equipment; you get a partner dedicated to your manufacturing goals. 

Looking to Buy or Sell Equipment?

Contact us now to find equipment solutions that perfectly match your production requirements. 

View Machines

Inventory Recording & Liquidation Services

Reload U.S. Inventory Services: Streamline Management and Maximize Value 

Transform Your Asset Management for Growth and Transition

As an ammunition manufacturer, effectively managing and evaluating your assets is essential, whether you’re scaling up operations or preparing for a business sale. At Reload U.S., we provide tailored services that take the burden of asset management off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best – producing top-quality ammunition.

Streamline Your Operations with Detailed Inventory Documentation

Let us handle the details while you keep your eyes on production. Our experts will thoroughly document your machinery and equipment right at your facility, organizing all vital information into an accessible database. This clear, organized asset overview streamlines your decision-making process, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Get Accurate Valuations for Strategic Business Moves

Considering selling your business or restructuring? Our Asset Valuation Service is key to making informed decisions. We dive deep into assessing the value of your machinery and equipment, providing you with the insights needed to set strategic goals and position your business for success in the market.

Turn Idle Assets into Opportunities

Discover the potential in your unused machinery with our Liquidation Services. We efficiently connect you with the right buyers, transforming surplus assets into valuable capital, and handling every step to ensure a smooth, profitable experience for you.

A Partnership Focused on Your Success

More than just a service provider, Reload U.S. is your partner in success. We understand the unique challenges of the ammunition manufacturing industry and offer solutions tailored to meet your specific goals.

Take the First Step Towards Enhanced Asset Management

Reach out to Reload U.S. today. Let’s discuss how our Inventory Services can not only simplify your asset management, but also strategically enhance your business's growth and value.

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